Three Blancpain Women’s Watches Show Different Charming Charm

A woman is flowery, colorful and enchanting, romantic and passionate, showing her beauty at all times. The famous Swiss watch brand Blancpain has launched three women’s watches with the theme of ‘flowers’. It uses mother-of-pearl engraving and painting, equipped with unique movements and complex functions exclusive to women’s watches. Let watches become the spokesperson for women, showing the different charms of women with different personalities!
Blancpain 3650-4944R-58B watch

   The flower of the pink rose is ‘forever love’, and a rose represents the only one. Limited to 14 pieces in the world, the only St.Valentin watch in Taiwan that is dedicated to the master of mother-of-pearl engraving craftsmanship. The face plate is made of white mother-of-pearl, with a delicate inlay in the center. Pink roses, dedicated to the favorites of this life.
   This delicate and vivid rose on the mother-of-pearl dial is first carved each petal on white mother-of-pearl, and then the formed relief rose pattern is cut into a whole, and the pink petals follow the elegant arc. Line, slowly blooming, after multiple passes of color treatment, the rich layering of flowers is perfectly presented. The unique pink mother-of-pearl engraved automatic dial of this watch, with the gentle swing of the wrist, is like a lady wearing a round skirt and dancing a round dance, and there is a little more joy in the elegance.
Blancpain Women’s Watch 3626-1954L-58B

   Women’s large calendar flyback chronograph, blue mother-of-pearl dial combined with blue, white and gray. It has a large calendar window with few practical watches for women’s watches. The stopwatch timer is presented in a frameless manner. Just below 2 o’clock, there is an eccentric hour and minute display, separated from the timer by an arc-engraved mosaic diamond, flying across the sky like a seagull swinging wings, and the background of the hour and minute display is a radial engraving.
   The back of the case uses a sapphire crystal back, and a petal-engraved automatic disc. You can see the mysterious internal structure and movement of the movement. The craftsman’s insistence on the art, even if it is equipped with an invisible automatic disk, it also needs to convey the beautiful and delicate woman like a flower. A woman who has a positive personality and pursues perfect personality, exudes her own self-confident charm from the inside out. Like the efforts of Blancpain on women’s watches, just to create a unique watch that belongs to women only, not only the diamonds dazzle, but also make the watch practical.
Blancpain Special Series 0062-1954F-52

   Blancpain watches
Inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Iris’, with the mother-of-pearl dial as the canvas, the elegant and beautiful painting process shows the iris flowers and leaves are touching and touching, soft but struggling to grow straight up, metaphorizing that a woman may seem to be weak but life-threatening. Persist. Double heart-shaped sapphire inlays and royal blue paintings draw lifelike blue butterflies, blending with blue diamonds embellished with stars and white diamond iris flowers, as women can integrate into different roles, showing the best side. Bezel with beautiful diamonds, green silk strap, ultra-thin 18k white gold case with 6150 world’s smallest self-winding movement, classic platinum willow hand hour and minute hands, transparent sapphire crystal on the case back. Delicate rotating movement.