Three Major Watch Brands Women Should Not Miss

They all say that watches are an indispensable item for successful men. In fact, watches also play an important role for successful women. Faced with a wide range of watch brands, how do we match their own Watches may have been a problem for a long time, so Xiaobian chose the three most suitable watch brands for women, as well as its classic watches for your reference.
I. Cartier
The origins were inspired by Louis Cartier during the First World War, inspired by the new Renault tanks on the Western Front, which created this great design of war aesthetics. The Tank series has led the trend of square watches, and its innovation and extraordinary design have won the hearts of the people. There are three different specifications of the watch, coupled with its wide range of styling and appearance features, including quartz watches and fully automatic watches, it has become synonymous with the Cartier brand and French elegant tradition.
Second, Earl
Piaget’s works have always won with novel ideas, lively and steady, and Limelight series of high-end jewelry watches are even more eye-opening. The original watches can also give you infinite surprises like technology products. The Limelight Magic Hour watch in white gold and diamonds shows us the many faces of magic time. The barrel-shaped case has a rounded outline and sensually implicit lines. The Limelight series of high-end watches will undoubtedly make the time more radiant. Both sides of the case are inlaid with a whole row of diamonds, which highlights the striking 18K white gold bezel, the slender and detailed dial, and the unique Arabic numerals on the dial. The oversized dial design is feminine Sensual elegance.
三 、 Omega
The newly released Omega constellation coaxial 27mm female watch is refined from 18K red gold. The bracelet is made of the same material with frosted links and polished chain needles. The bezel is set with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.50 carats. The dial offers white mother-of-pearl with sun rays and stylish gold mother-of-pearl. Eleven single-cut diamonds are set on the hour scale, and the total diamond weight is 0.12 carats.