Tissot Watches And The Nba Jointly Release A New 24-second Timer And Integrated Timing System

Tissot and the NBA (American Professional Basketball League) jointly released a new 24-second timer and integrated timing system in New York, which will be put into use in all 29 NBA Summer League and NBA 2016-2017 seasons. By then, Tissot’s 24-second timer will be glorious in the NBA hall-level sports event! Tissot’s new timing and scoring system uses superb watchmaking technology. Through the integration of rich sports timing experience and the integration of innovative display technology and timing interface, the timer is durable and accurate and efficient. It not only provides visual enjoyment for spectators, but also becomes the focus of the new season.

NBA officially launches new Tissot watch with 24-second timer
 As the only official timekeeper of the NBA, the release of the new 24-second timer and integrated timing system marks that Tissot will unify all NBA courts and provide accurate timing guarantee for this hall-level sports event. Thanks to Tissot’s innovative LED glass technology, the electronic circuits and conductors in the timer are completely hidden, and the timer is almost transparent when used, completely transparent when closed, and can be read clearly at any angle. And for the first time, a hardware system including three modules of 24 seconds, timeout and game timer is used. The digital jump of the Tissot watch timer occurs in an instant, and the speed is fast. It is difficult for even high-speed TV cameras to shoot this process. Therefore, it can provide the most authoritative record and further assist the referee and playback center to make key decisions. .

Touch screen operation terminal connected with a full set of timing and scoring systems

New timer with Tissot LED glass
 The Tissot comprehensive timing and scoring system can simultaneously transmit the most accurate time information to all on-site score boards and video recording equipment, and can be operated through the touch screen terminal. Its highest accuracy can reach 0.15PPM (parts per million, which is one hundred One ten-thousandth of a unit level). All timers and scoreboard operators on the court can use the system through integrated software. At the same time, Tissot has optimized the software design and functions, making the operation interface more concise, and the brand logo will also be displayed in each 24-second timer.

Schematic of Tissot integrated timing and scoring system

Timer display template in debugging
 ‘Through this new 24-second timer and scoring system, Tissot has proven its professionalism in basketball timing, which makes us very proud, and our cooperation with the NBA will be extraordinary.’ Tissot Global President François Thiébaud said, ‘Our pursuit of precision timing and our passion for sports will take us to the limit and optimize the basketball experience for every player interested in innovation and new technology, and today It’s just our first step. ‘
 ‘The NBA has been pursuing precise timing for more than 70 years, and we have never had a partner like Tissot during this time,’ said Michael Gliedman, senior vice president and chief information officer of the NBA. Tissot’s professional experience and the breakthrough timing system developed for the NBA will provide us with the most reliable 24-second timer in the NBA, improve the level of the game on the court, and bring a more exciting viewing experience for basketball fans. ‘

New timer production center

Tissot timer frame welding
 It is worth mentioning that the NBA has introduced a 24-second timer in the 1954-1955 season to speed up the pace of the game, and since then has improved the 24-second timing technology several times. Until October 2015, Tissot was officially the only official timekeeper of the American Men’s Professional Basketball League (NBA), the American Women’s Professional Basketball League (WNBA) and the NBA Development League (NBA D-League). For the first time in years of history, it has cooperated with major North American sports leagues. Tissot is willing to provide accurate timing guarantee for sports with its rich sports timing experience and superb watchmaking technology, and help the world’s sports to flourish.

Early NBA timers

New NBA 24-second timer
 The new 24-second timer and integrated timing system will be available on all NBA courts in the 2016-2017 season.