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Modern’ Retro Flavor Omega Saucer Central Tourbillon Watch

When it comes to OMEGA, many people think of Speedmaster, coaxial escapement and James Bond. A tourbillon is usually not the first word that comes to mind. In 1994, Omega launched the world’s first ‘central tourbillon’ watch, shocking the industry.

 The ‘central tourbillon’, as the name suggests, places the tourbillon in the center of the dial, which rotates once per minute. Even the hour and minute hands are at the bottom and become the foil. They are placed on the edge of the tourbillon frame and neither interfere with the tourbillon nor affect its legibility. The design of the case of the disco series presents a classic style, mainly due to its charming lugs. With a diameter of 38.7 mm, this watch finds the perfect balance between the look and feel of wearing.

 The case has a conventional crown at 3 o’clock, and when turned to the case back, a second crown can be found. The former can only be used for winding, while the latter can adjust the time. This watch is equipped with Calibre 2600 movement, equipped with a platinum winding rotor. The back of the watch is engraved with the time elderly pattern, and the words ‘TOURBILLON’ and ‘CHRONOMETER’ prove that the timepiece is certified by the COSC Observatory, which is not common in tourbillon watches.

 Although there are still central tourbillon watches in the Omega product range, some of the earlier models are now almost antique. Acquiring one can be said to be a wise choice, because Omega has already set a guilloché dial and gold bracelet. Both give the watch a more classic look, and the gold bracelet is particularly beautiful, not only well-made, but also very comfortable to wear. The thickness of the bracelet is just right, and the weight is just right, making wearing the Omega Disc Flying Tourbillon watch a unique experience. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

Cartier’s ‘core Motion’ Party

Watch leader Cartier chooses the newest landmark in Shanghai at the private party space of Rock Bund, Shanghai’s new fashion landmark, on the night of September 17th. Equipped with Cartier’s first self-made automatic movement 1904MC, this movement is known as a breakthrough in Cartier’s century-old watchmaking history. That night, Cartier’s ‘Core Motion’ party attracted male elites from all walks of life to celebrate the birth of another classic masterpiece; Liang Chaowei, Li Zongsheng, Zhang Zhenyue, Ruan Jingtian, Su Youpeng, Gao Yixiang and other male celebrities participated. Even more ‘Xingdong’ party star-studded. The newly launched Cartier Caribo watch series has been hailed as one of the breakthrough innovations, continuing Cartier’s watch legend. The 1904MC movement it carries, bearing in mind Cartier’s first watch created in the world in 1904, is full of ambitions for the future. At the same time, it is retouched with a modern overall design and details to build a wonderful balance of power and beauty for men. Cartier China Chief Executive Ms. Jian Yawen said, ‘As Cartier’s first watch specially created for men’s elites, the Caribo watch has caused a wave. In China we are also confident and look forward to it becoming a modern elite Great portrayal. ‘

Earl’s Beautiful Enamel Craftsmanship Create Unique Watches For Top Vips

Earl, this talented professional watchmaker and creator of timeless beauty, has integrated his unique craftsmanship into the endless creative inspiration of the brand. To pay tribute to the Chinese Year of the Dragon, Piaget is a top-level VIP exclusive custom, using precious enamel technology to create the world’s only enamel-painted dragon totem watch, as a unique top-level collection for this year of the Dragon. Demonstrate once again the Piaget’s dedication to the development of watchmaking, and the watchmaking strength that is enough to show the world’s proud art masterpieces. Dragon, the beginning of all things
      The Chinese dragon is very different from the image of evil animals in Western mythology. It represents positive natural energy and noble virtue in human wisdom. The dragon, as one of the oldest and most admirable symbols in China, naturally contains a variety of meanings. In the subsequent Chinese history, the dragon also symbolized the positive force inherited from God, the people of Zepi, the messengers who brought good fortune. Today, the dragon still represents the virtues of the ruler’s leadership, wisdom and kindness, and the power to promote the spirit of harmony, and it is the core of the philosophy of Chinese culture. The image of the ‘Dragon’ has been tempered by Chinese culture for more than 5,000 years. Today, the Chinese nation still proudly claims to be ‘the successor of the dragon.’

Piaget Polo Special Tourbillon Theme Watch
      Taking the dragon symbolizing nobleness and wisdom as the creative element, it is made with the enamel’s pride in the grand feu enamel technique, and this year’s exclusive blessing is dedicated to the earl’s top VIP guests. The extraordinary dragon totem carved in the center of the faceplate is written with Chinese characters on the bottom cover, writing ‘Dragon’, which vividly conveys the honorable status of Piaget VIPs and leadership qualities!
      This Dragon Totem-themed custom-designed painted watch is equipped with a Piaget-relative tourbillon 608P manual winding movement, which was produced by Piaget in-house and created an extraordinary position in the field of tourbillon. Place the tourbillon frame at the end of the minute hand, the tourbillon frame will rotate once every minute, and follow the minute hand to make one rotation on the faceplate every hour. The tourbillon frame made of three titanium is installed in the Geneva corrugated movement. The movement is also finished with blue steel screws, beveling of the bridge and other parts. The case is made of 18K white gold and finished with enamel painting techniques. The Piaget painted tourbillon-themed watch with a special tourbillon theme, a special customized style, limited to one.

Filled enamel (CHAMPLEVÉ)
      When the champlevé technique is used, the pattern to be filled with enamel is first engraved on the carcass to form a recessed grid, and then the enamel is filled with a fine brush, and then multiple firing processes are performed. The gold carver engraved the carcass of the case or dial according to the design, leaving the outline of the pattern as a male pattern (protruding lines), the hollowed out groove (yin pattern), and then filling it with enamel glaze and negative The part is called taille d’épargne in French. Its edges must be as clear as possible. The gold sculptor must determine the depth and width of these shades according to the effect they intend to show. It is then heated to over 800 ° C to allow the enamel to melt; this method also requires multiple firings until the final flattening and sintering of bright surfaces. The gold sculptor and the enamelist must work closely and be highly creative, because the techniques of the two craftsmen have equally great influence on the work, especially when the transparent enamel technique is used. Glyphs appeared. At Piaget, the masters of gold carving and enamel go one step further and maintain close cooperation throughout the process, making sure that all the filled enamels from Piaget are perfect.
Piaget special tourbillon painted enamel watch
Diameter: 45 mm
18K white gold case, dial with enamel painting technique
Equipped with Piaget 608P manual winding tourbillon movement
Movement thickness: 3.28mm
Total thickness of movement case: 9.14mm
Movement case diameter: 11 1/2 1/2 minutes (about 25.6mm)
Movement gem: 27 stones
Movement frequency: 21,600 times per hour
Movement balance diameter: 7.75mm
Power reserve: about 70 hours
Movement decoration: Geneva ripples, round fish scale grinding on main splint, table bridge and tourbillon frame with edge chamfering by hand, blue steel screws
Flying tourbillon: The central axis of the minute hand runs on the dial and runs for one week per hour, while the tourbillon frame is suspended at the end of the minute hand and rotates around the frame axis in one minute per minute.
Tourbillon frame: 3 titanium alloy brackets
Tourbillon frame weight: 0.2 g
18K White Gold Folding Clasp with Black Alligator Strap
Special customized styles: only 1 in the world
Ref. G0A34714
Taiwanese Pricing: NT $ 20,051,000

Relaunch Of Le Méridien’s Global Marketing Strategy

Recently, the famous watch brand Le Méridien and LPI Russia gathered at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Under the witness of media friends and business partners, they officially announced that the Le Méridien brand will restart its global marketing strategy .

 At the same time, Amy also launched the brand’s latest purpose is ‘Your Time is Now’. In order to better promote this slogan, the brand has also carried out a series of promotional activities, while the brand’s official website has also undergone a new revision.

 Relevant person in charge of Le Méridien summarized the achievements of the brand in the past 38 years, and at the same time more accurately carried out a clear brand positioning according to their own situation, clarified their competitors, and future development plans.

 Of course, the watch is indispensable throughout the event. The brand also exhibited a number of new watches that it exhibited in Basel, so that guests present could appreciate the great achievements of the brand in the watchmaking industry.

Valladian Music Box: Breguet Classic Complex Music Watch

Breguet Classic Complex Music Watch LE R & eacute; VEIL MUSICAL
Valladro Music Box: Breguet’s classic and complex music watch LE R & eacute; VEIL MUSICAL
Breguet complex music watch, 18K yellow gold round case, engraved with a delicate musical staff symbol, self-winding mechanical movement, independently numbered and engraved with Breguet signature
Le R & eacute; veil Musical is based on Breguet’s new self-winding movement, and a delicate and patented music mechanism is installed on the case and takes months to complete the assembly. Just press the button at 10 o’clock, or when the preset alarm time comes, the watch will make a crisp ringtone. The disc with a pin replaces the traditional music box cylinder and alternately contacts the 15 metal gear teeth on the grid. The sculpted metal glass film not only completes the unique and outstanding mechanical structure and enhances the frequency required for pronunciation, It can also ensure the waterproof and corrosion resistance of the device.
Breguet pays special attention to the subtleties of the watch. The three-point kinetic energy display can prevent the watch from being unable to complete the music for up to 20 to 25 seconds due to insufficient power. This kind of carefulness is also reflected on the side of the case. The coin pattern was replaced by a smart note, showing the characteristics of this watch. In recent years, Breguet has been associated with many well-known music events and music groups, such as the Lucerne Summer Festival, the Geneva International Music Competition and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. The introduction of these innovative watches with audio capabilities has not only enabled Breguet and music The closer relationship has also allowed Breguet to consolidate its reputation and authority, making this company one of the incarnations of European art and culture.
Since Breguet was born in this world, he has lived in Paris for most of his life. He has contributed many unparalleled inventions to the manufacture of clocks in his life and is active in every field of watchmaking. This also makes his name become It is one of the most important synonym for Swiss watches. In his great life, the invention of the tourbillon, the suspension device, and the improvement of the automatic watch were enough to become legendary works in history. However, for Baodi himself, the innovation on the questionnaire is what he is most proud of.
Asking a watch is not only a rare and complex watch we rarely see, but also a perfect combination of traditional watchmaking technology and music art. . We can think that only the talented watch masters can add a natural voice to these once obscure machines, which is like giving a watch a real life. Naturally, such harsh conditions directly lead to the very small number of questionnaires, which naturally increases the value of the questionnaire collection.
The most common questionnaire is sounded by hammering the gong, and in 1783 the legendary watchmaker Abraham-Louis & Middot; Breguet further perfected the mechanism. The questionnaire manufactured by him works by moving the slider on the side of the case. After releasing the slider, the hammer will return to its original position and strike the gong at a certain time. The gong of the watch is usually two exquisite round tubes with the inner ring of the case. In order to make it sound perfect, it takes a lot of time and energy of the producer, which is the fundamental reason why the cost of the watch is extremely high. .
In the same field, A.-L. Breguet also created several gong devices for the minute and half-minute, five-minute and even ten-minute questionnaires. In 1800, he invented the compact folding The buckle interlocking watch (with push-to-turn ring) can be attached to a chain or even a sling. This design also ensures that pocket watches are not audible by accidental touch.