Who Is The Tip Of The Tide?

In numerous literary works, there has been a saying that ‘trends are created by a few people.’ In their point of view, what seems to be a fashion trend full of contingency is essentially derived from the accumulation of a few dozen or even decades by a few people. The Chinese film industry, the current popularity of nonsense films, undoubtedly originated from one or another of Zhou Xingchi’s masterpieces in the 1990s; the western literary circle is now being promoted to the altar of consciousness. . So, is there a similar minority in the watch industry with frequent design trends? Looking back at the development of watches after the millennium, there are three very obvious design trends. First, the size of watch models has become larger; second, pocket watch movements have become popular again; third, complex functions have been simplified. These three routes are intertwined and finally constitute the watch world of the moment. However, it is very interesting that if you trace the source, you will find that these three modern watch design ideas have the same source. 1. ‘The pioneer of the big watch trend’ Long Long Ago, the mainstream size of men’s watches is basically around 34 mm, 36 or 37 mm is considered to be the sky. However, from around 2000, the general public’s aesthetics of watches has changed. The sound of large-diameter watches on the market has begun to increase, but for most watch brands, the popularity of large watches was not yet known. Sex, still insisting on the small watch, even if there are several large watches, the way is also the big watch small core. * Fortunately, the Portuguese IWC Portuguese 2000 equipped with Cal. 5000 large caliber movement. At that time, there were still brands that insisted on the orthodox route of large cores and large watches. The IWC Portugal series esteemed the hero with a limited edition of 2,000 Portuguese 2000. At that time, the 42mm watch was definitely a ‘behemoth’. But the more crucial point is that in the initial stage of making a large watch, IWC crossed the decent threshold of the small core of the large watch. The 5000 series movements carried by it could even be higher in diameter than the men’s watches at the time. Down (38.5 mm). Therefore, even if we look at the IWC Portugal series around 2000 from a contemporary perspective, we still have to applaud its pioneering spirit. 2. ‘Initiator of Huaichang wrist’ ‘Fashion is a closed circle’. This sentence may be the best interpretation of the changes in the design style of the watch industry. Pocket watches that were popular more than a hundred years ago but have withdrawn from the historical stage forty to fifty years ago have become popular trends in recent years. Not seeing it, not only is the popular method of disassembling pocket watch movements and mounting them in large watch cases in the watch circle, but also some watch brands use pocket watch movements as inspiration to design modern movements. But they all forgot one thing. In this field, IWC is No.1. No matter what brand is a well-deserved boss in the era of pocket watches, as far as the change of pocket watches is concerned, as early as 1939, the brand produced and produced on the basis of pocket watch cal. 74 (later Cal. 98). Ref.325. * Ref.5441 is a remodeled from a pocket watch movement. Unfortunately, because of the aesthetics of the times, the sparsely produced Ref.325 did not perform well on the market. The trend of turning pocket watches into watches is really extreme. It should be Ref.5441, which was released in 1993. This large-sized watch inspired by Ref.325 is also equipped with a pocket watch movement. The market is highly recognized. It is no exaggeration to say that the wristbands that have become popular in recent years have been playing successfully in the IWC Portugal series decades ago. This can also explain why the new movements of the IWC Portugal series can also be used. Vaguely feel the ancient pocket watch board road. Because this is a design style that has been integrated into the brand’s veins. 3. The ‘simplified representation of complex functions’ complex function can be said to be the most intuitive way to measure the value of watches and clocks for hundreds of years. Looking back on the past, almost everything that can leave a strong mark in history is almost a complicated one. Today, the status of complex models remains the same. However, the world is no longer satisfied with the situation where the large-scale complex watches in the past can only be displayed. The large-scale complex watches hoped by the modern market can be worn on the wrist and played at any time. This is naturally like a simple design with complex design requirements. * The IWC Portugal series IW371602 with simple and complicated functions has racked its brains for simple and complicated watch throughout the industry, but IWC is content with it. Because, for IWC, the simplification of complex functions is really not too much trouble. After all, as early as in the era when the perpetual calendar watch had limited market coverage due to its complex structure, IWC simplified the perpetual calendar structure and added a practical year display to it, thereby making the perpetual calendar popular. Modern and simplified complex functions are the design strategies of IWC products. The almanac and the constant-power tourbillon are all the peaks in the field of complex functions, but in the world of the world, they have a simple and practical appearance. The great complex functions of IWC are both collectible and practical. Pioneer, it sounds like a very high-end name, but it is really difficult to achieve it, because it involves a deep historical background and a deep understanding of the industry. It is already possible to choose one of thousands Not easy. But IWC, in the three major trends of modern mainstream watches, are at the tip of the wave. In this way, it is worthy of being a pioneer in the watch industry. Editing: Hours, Minutes and Seconds | Vision and Cartography: Dried Fish Pictures: From Brands (Partially from the Internet) Flow Hip Hop Watch and Jewellery Culture Guide for 8090 Young People Launched by Watchmakers