You Are Responsible For Traveling It Is Responsible For Rotating The Blancpain Villeret Series Twelve-day Long-powered Tourbillon Watch

If morning peaks, meetings, and investment are the main themes of your life, then the significance of travel is to break the lifeline of three points and one line and play a period of SOLO. Go on a trip! Wear Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms, Two Places, or Loud Functional Watches, and travel the world to enjoy the convenience and reliability of a luxury sports or business travel watch.

   But the Blancpain tourbillon at home is really reluctant to let it go with you on the journey. After all, no one wants to wear such an artwork on the journey. In case of some carelessness, it may be a million. Distressed.
Make an artwork quietly

   Let it be a work of art at home quietly! Since it is quiet, please stay away from this tourbillon watch, after all, is the long power on the 12th a bit too long? Of course, it depends on its powerfulness Cal.242 automatic winding movement, 243 parts, diameter is only 30.6 mm, thickness is only 6.1 mm, it is also equipped with a silicon balance spring and pallet for reducing the influence of magnetic fields.

   In fact, the power reserve of the long-powered tourbillon on the 12th is enough to support the watch for about 14 days, and it is set to 12th for the sake of conservativeness. This is Blancpain’s low-key, not exaggerated, impetuous, rather than say less, never say more!

No certain height, discomfort is so low-key

   Speaking of impetuousness, the appearance of this watch is surprisingly low-key. This is not the kind of exposed art form of the Impressionist or Expressionist school. If you want to compare it, this dial design can be called Chinese freehand landscape painting. Simplicity is a mood that cannot be described by Western painting. The dial and painted Roman numeral hour scales are fired from bright fire enamel. It is also paired with Blancpain’s signature double-layer bezel and hollowed-out willow leaf hands known as the ‘first needle in the world’. They are simple and beautiful. Not gorgeous.

The beauty of a flying tourbillon in one minute

   12 o’clock on the surface of the bird to make perfect circular movement, is Blancpain Blancpain’s famous one-minute flying tourbillon. The tourbillon that the watch is equipped with is Blancpain’s largest tourbillon mechanism. It even allows you to appreciate the full picture of the balance wheel and escapement in more detail, letting people enjoy the wrist in the constant speed of the tourbillon. The table ticks.
The back is the stage for the art of carving

   The sapphire is transparent, in addition to the delicate mechanical structure, the shape of the oscillating weight is more eye-catching. The design of openwork and open carving opens up a larger space for viewing the exquisite decoration of the movement watch bridge below. The hub gear known as Blancpain wheel is unique to Blancpain and is also created for the marriage with Lamborghini.

   Blancpain’s traditional movements are decorated with exquisite patterns on the bridge of the movement. All of them use hand-carved noose patterns, lightly turn the watch, and the beautiful light flows between the lines, flowing lightly, like visual poetry, dance of light and shadow .