Zhenith Zenith Collaborates With Bwd To Customize Personal Watches

In the high-end watch industry, when it comes to ‘refitting’, many watch friends should think of the Bamford Watch Department (BWD) founded by George Bamford, from Rolex, Audemars Piguet to Bao Gree, now under the action of Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, BWD has become the official designator of Zenith.

In fact, for the Zenith brand, you can feel Jean-Claude Biver’s dedication to it, not only at the Basel show in March, but the preview will be launched in Zenith. Equipped with a revolutionary movement with a new concept balance system, it is now seeking the industry’s top couture watch manufacturers to provide Zenith watch friends with unique and unique watches. ‘The Zenith watch is actually awesome, but unfortunately it is not receiving much attention now. I think BWD will be of great help and give us another chance to show its beauty to the world. My high spirits are back Now, and I hope everyone will come with me. ‘Jean-Claude Biver said excitedly in the interview.

All Black tuning style is BWD’s most iconic fame

BWD’s modification technology can be said to be based on the visible aspects of the watch’s appearance, and it can be transformed in detail. From the case, bezel, dial and hands, as well as the application of luminous paint, can be modified according to customer needs. George Bamford was founded in 2003 by BWD. The early modification styles were mostly All Black tones using high contrast contrast to outline the lines. However, the first modification style launched by Zeni seems to be deep black. Gray is the basic tone, but there are also more eye-catching styles that retain the original color of the case and the handle.

In the BWD studio headquarters nicknamed ‘The Hive Base Camp’, every modified watch will undergo basic performance tests such as waterproofness, accuracy adjustment, and so on.

However, it is somewhat doubtful that the subsequent maintenance energy is separated from the responsibility. Take Rolex as an example. All watches that have been modified by BWD will be rejected by the Rolex Service Center. They cannot accept the original maintenance. After Zenith has established an official authorization relationship with BWD, in the future, the regular maintenance of modified watches, or if there is a need for troubleshooting after the modification, what is the counterpart unit for customers to seek assistance? What accountable unit is causing the problem? …… The various situations that may be faced in the future are also future issues that must be carefully planned and coordinated by both parties.

These BWD watches, transformed by senior watchmakers, can faithfully highlight the personal taste and style of beloved customers.

In addition to the difficult hollow-out models of the Defys series, the Zenos Tipos, Pilots, Heritage and El Primeros watches are all BWD models that can be personalized.