Zhenli Columbus’s Wrists Show Itself In Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza

In late April, Zenith held the unveiling ceremony of Christophe Colomb Columbus Watches and New Watches Exhibition at Hang Lung Plaza. The site was set up with the theme of adventure and extended to Zenith with Columbus’s marine exploration as the main axis Sponsored by Johan Ernst Nilson from Arctic to Antarctic adventure activities and Hydrotere sailing activities of environmental explorer Alain Thebault, and display a variety of new watches and antique masterpieces related to this theme, we can see many inspirational sources as representative models . On the day of the event, the CEO of Zenith also came to the site to share the spirit of the brand’s continuous challenge to technology and limits. This pursuit of excellence is exactly the same as the explorer’s continuous self-challenge process, both of which will reach another extraordinary excellence. realm.

     Columbus watches have a classic dial and hands on the one hand, but also a three-dimensional tourbillon with full visual effects. Always keep the center of gravity vertical downwards, and maintain the connection between the escapement and the travel gear train. In this way, the tourbillon frame can be kept horizontal under any circumstances to reduce the interference on accuracy when the angle changes. This design is quite sophisticated and complicated. The ordinary tourbillon has only 66 parts, and the tourbillon of this watch includes 166 parts. The complicated mechanical structure does not allow the high-frequency movement of 36,000 revolutions per hour to appear at all. Shun situation. The bottom surface of the hemispherical protrusion has been carefully designed, and the result of the proper matching with the curvature of the bottom cover and the lugs will not cause uncomfortable feeling on the wrist. Available in platinum, gold and rose gold, this model is priced at RMB 1,412,000 and is limited to 25 pieces worldwide.