Showing The New Matte Black Style Zenith Pilot Series Type 20 Ton-up Royal Chronograph

Zenith fans and motorcycle enthusiasts are blessed in 2018. Zenith’s very popular pilot series TYPE 20 TON-UP watch series will join a cool New member. Distressed steel case, retro styling and the same rough feel as before have made this stylish column wheel chronograph a trendy must-have for this year, suitable for those who seek to combine design, retro charm and sporty style in the same watch people.

   TON-UP is a very interesting watch. Zenith uses the design of the pilot’s watch and combines it with the tradition of vintage motorcycle racing. The old-made steel case makes it look like a piece. Like a watch worn for decades! Its design was inspired by the English ‘Coffee Knight’ cycling movement that began in the 1920s. Young and rebellious cycling enthusiasts are eager for a fast motorcycle (up to 160 km / h) that can be tailored to personal requirements, allowing them to run from cafe to cafe on the roads of Britain. To this end, they abandon all the burdens on their motorcycles that they don’t consider useful, and prepare for the engine to reach maximum power. Their single-seaters have very low handlebars and are rugged, streamlined, practical and ready to go. The term ‘TON-UP’ means that the minimum speed that these riders must reach when returning to a cafe after leaving a cafe for a specific destination is 100 km / h.
   The Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 TON-UP Royal Chronograph is still a true pilot watch in design. The atmospheric 45mm distressed stainless steel case, this stylish presentation focuses on combining retro flavor with the overall design of the watch. The pilot series TYPE 20 TON-UP chronograph is large and comfortable, fits the wrist, and is in the same vein as other TYPE 20 models. This heritage is also clear in other features, including a giant crown specially designed for easy operation with gloves, and a large adjustment button for easy start of the chronograph, whether or not wearing gloves Free operation.
   The Pilot Series TYPE 20 TON-UP Royal Chronograph is an impeccable masterpiece. The new black dial is very simple, with no date or calendar information. The large minute and second hands (a typical feature of pilot watches) and Arabic numerals are covered with SuperLumiNova® white luminous coating, plus the assistance of a double chronograph-small seconds dial at 9 o’clock and The chronograph minute timer provides clear reading. The entire watch is powered by Zenith’s legendary EL PRIMERO 4069 automatic movement, which runs at 5 Hz (36,000 vibrations per hour) and has a power reserve of 50 hours. Accurate timing allows you to seize every minute and every second.
   The pure black matte tone is perfectly interpreted on the 2018 pilot’s TYPE 20 TON-UP chronograph. The black matte dial complements the oily frosted leather strap and black case of this series, exuding the extreme style of a low-key rider. . For added comfort and longevity, the strap is lined with protective rubber and features prominent white hand stitching and a titanium buckle.
   As the name suggests, the worn stainless steel case back of this watch is engraved with the heroic appearance of a modified motorcycle rider, and its water resistance reaches 100 meters. With its outstanding design and unparalleled movement, the pilot’s TYPE 20 TON-UP chronograph is suitable for every fashionable person who pursues personality.

Technical Information
Model: 11.2432.4069 / 21.C900
New aging stainless steel 45 mm case
A Tribute to the Spirit of the Coffee Knight
EL PRIMERO column wheel automatic chronograph movement
EL PRIMERO 4069 automatic movement
Dimensions: 13 ¼ law points (diameter: 30 mm)
Movement thickness: 6.6 mm
Number of parts: 254
Number of gems: 35
Vibration frequency: 36,000 times (5 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 50 hours
Finishing: Côtes de Genève engraved on the pendulum
Centered hour and minute hands
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
Chronograph: Central chronograph hand & 30-minute chronograph at 3 o’clock
Case, dial and hands
Diameter: 45 mm
Dial diameter: 37.8 mm
Thickness: 14.25 mm
Table mirror: domed sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment on both sides
Case bottom cover: The case bottom cover is engraved with the modified rider heroic pose
Material: Aging stainless steel
Water resistance: 10 atmospheres
Dial: Matte Black
Time scale: Arabic numeral time scale with white SuperLumiNova® SLN C1
Hands: Gold-plated facet, treated with white SuperLumiNova® SLN C1
Strap and buckle
Strap model: 27.00.2321.900
Description: Black oily frosted leather strap with protective rubber lining
Buckle model: 27.95.0021.001
Description: Titanium alloy pin buckle

Rolex Releases Collector’s Rolex Mt-master Books

Following the success of the first edition of the ‘Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER wristwatches’ (collector Rolex GMT-MASTER wristwatch), which has been sold out, the editor-in-chief Mondani has decided to release the second edition, which is also Various models made in recent years will be presented to provide the information needed to buy and sell GMT-Master watches today, while improving the content of the previous edition.

Some questions collectors want to know today:
-Is there an aluminum bezel inserted in the reference number serial number 6542?
-Is there a way to know if the bezel has been replaced?
-Stainless steel reference serial number 1675 makes the possibility of adapting to two bezels: red / blue and black?
Thanks a lot for in-depth research, this edition of the book can help eliminate these questions.
Only in this book can you find the first to the latest watches of the 1950s. Deviations from the bezel, dial, and case are the most important points to focus on-these factors can help determine the value of mobile phones today. ‘Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER’ (collector Rolex GMT-MASTER) is a specific book about Rolex GMT & ndash; MASTER, which includes the first clock made in the 1950s to the last time, including sample watches, Military series, straps and various cases and dials.

Also included in this release are those reference sequences that watch fans and collectors have always wanted, such as reference sequences 6542, 1675, 16750, and others.
For each reference sequence, a detailed table will be published, the year the surface started and the time, quality and all the characteristics of the watch (crystal, bezel, strap, case back, crown winding, including year of production Case number, dial, movement & hellip; & hellip;).

& ldquo; Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER Wristwatches & rdquo; (collector Rolex GMT-MASTER watches) also includes reference sequences that watch fans and collectors have always wanted, such as reference sequences 6542, 1675, 16750 and other sequences .
Format: cm. 25,5 x 31,5
Language: Italian and English
Price: CHF 420 & ndash; EUR 350

Another Watch That Will Soon Be On Fire At Sihh This Year

This year, IWC made a big splash. After all, this year IWC used the brand’s first self-produced movement to replace the externally supplied movement on the new pilot model. In addition to replacing the self-produced movement, the face value of IWC has basically maintained the previous level, such as the chronograph and entry-level models of the Bronze and Green Disk of the Spitfire. After the release, the attention is very high and the public price is controlled at 4W about. But today we will not discuss this bronze watch that will be on fire this year, and another IWC Spitfire pilot time watch is also worth a look.

Indissoluble bond with Spitfire
  This special edition watch released by IWC this year has to mention two people-pilots Steve BoultbeeBrooks and MattJones. They will plan to fly the Silver Wing Spitfire for their first flight around the world this summer.

  SteveBoultbeeBrooks and MattJones are the founders and pilots of the Bottby Flight Academy. Both of them have very rich flight experience. The former has piloted a helicopter and spent more than two years flying from the North Pole to the South Pole. The latter has a flight time of 350 hours, and is the most experienced Spitfire pilot. One of them. The two plan to start their journey around the world this summer. Why is their global flight so eye-catching? Because they have a lot of cars.

  First, the Spitfire fighter that will accompany SteveBoultbeeBrooks and MattJones around the world. This fighter is a British fighter during World War II. It has excellent combat performance and stability. Although the Spitfire fighter is on the battlefield, it is It has never experienced such a global flight, so it is very challenging. The Silver Wing Spitfire was discovered by Steve BoultbeeBrooks and MattJones in a museum after several turnovers. After more than two years of extensive repairs, the flight plan was finally launched.

A watch that accompanies the world

  This model released by IWC this year is for the upcoming global flight of SteveBoultbeeBrooks and MattJones, but the shape design of this model is not inspired from the outside of the Silver Wing Spitfire, but from its interior.

  In this IWC watch, the case is made of common stainless steel. The black matte bezel and black dial have a strong taste. The hands and the triangle design at 12 o’clock are classic designs common to IWC. The crown is an exaggerated onion head design. In order to make it easier for pilots to adjust the time with gloves, it has now become a recognizable design for pilot models. It is also equipped with a green woven strap. The back of the case is not transparent, and the Silver Wing Spitfire is engraved on it.

  But where is this watch’s distinctive design?

  In fact, in 2016, IWC had produced a Pilot’s Watch, which looks like this.

Model: IW395001

  Not only the Universal Time function, but also the timing function. But this year’s Spitfire World Time model has removed the timing function, and the dial looks a lot fresher. The bezel is engraved with the names of 24 cities (including ‘Beijing’ in the east eight districts). Press the bezel down with your thumb and index finger to rotate the bezel. For example, if you want to know the time in London now, Aim London at 12 o’clock. The biggest improvement of this model is that the time in the second time zone can be seen directly in the arched window at 12 o’clock. Unlike the conventional world time model, the hands indicating the second time zone are used, so when London moves to At 12 o’clock, the arched window reads the time in London’s time zone.

IWC’s own movement

  In the past, many models of IWC used universal movements, which have been criticized to some extent. IWC has also spent a lot of time on the movements and invested in Merishausertal on the outskirts of Schaffhausen. A new production and technology center was built. This year’s Spitfire fighters have been replaced with self-produced movements-chronograph movements of the 69000-type movement series, 82000-series complex-function movements and 32000-type movements.

  This World Time model uses the 82760 movement. So far, this movement has only been used on this model.
  This movement is equipped with the IWC classic Pellaton automatic winding system. This system is the most iconic technology created by IWC R & D director Pellaton in 1949. It also benefits the future movement design. This system Also known as the ‘Woodpecker’ automatic winding system, it relies on a peach-shaped cam to rotate between the two pulleys of the ‘Woodpecker’, thereby driving the entire system. At the same time, the movement is also equipped with a non-trimmed balance wheel equipped with a flat hairspring, with a power reserve of more than 60 hours.

  Many components on the movement, such as detents, automatic gears or cams, are made of wear-free ceramics. It can be said that IWC has a long-term vision. This design reduces the wear and maintenance of the movement. The other 52000 movements also With this technique, IWC is one of the few brands in the world that can use this high-tech ceramics to make movement parts.

Model: IW327101
  This model of IWC is a limited edition, limited to 250 pieces, and the public price is nearly 10W RMB. At the SIHH watch exhibition this year, IWC also released another GMT dual time zone watch, using a bronze case with an olive green plate. The time display design in the second time zone is the same as the one above, but the public price is also higher than One is low, about 7W RMB. New models of these two Spitfire fighters, which one do you like? (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Meitu New Helmsman Series Pvd Rose Gold Multifunctional Watch

In 1934, as a veteran independent watch company, MIDO, a master watchmaker in Switzerland, introduced the helmsman series watch for the first time-a watch that can accurately keep time in harsh environments. At that time, the United States was in a period of admiration for convection design, and the design of trains, airplanes and even other daily necessities followed this trend. The helmsman series was inspired by this, and the streamlined appearance was used in watch design, and it was a sensation. Now, to trace its roots, Mido has launched a new helmsman series watch to pay tribute to the streamlined era of the last century.

 Each era has its own unique challenges and innovations. In 1929, with the emergence of industrial design, streamlined design was born, which became a major turning point in product innovation. Since then, aerodynamic lines and practical engineering have become the focus. At the same time, steel was widely used, and the material processing technology that broke its own limits made the appearance of the product at that time rigid and soft and beautiful.
 Led by Georges Schaeren, Mido engineers and technicians developed the Helmsman series in 1934. Reliable, sturdy, durable and attractive, these characteristics make it synonymous with precision and high quality once it is on the market. This is why American soldiers are proud to own this watch, and some even sent letters to the Swiss headquarters of Mido to express their satisfaction. These letters can still be found in the Mido Archives.

 The new helmsman series reproduces the unique clock culture of that era by assembling the ETA 7750 multifunctional movement, exquisite details and ingenious features, fully reflecting the characteristics that a multifunctional chronograph watch should possess. With a diameter of 44 millimeters, a thickness of 14.5 millimeters, and a water-resistant depth of up to 100 meters, the new helmsman immediately looks extraordinary in many watches, and it has a high level of aesthetics. Under the sapphire mirror, the dial decorated with Geneva waves or waves pattern interprets the concept of streamline. The outstanding work of the Mido Design Department has fully borrowed the shape of the locomotive side body, and its fixed rivets are also reproduced on the hands of this watch. Further use of Super-LumiNova technology makes the time on the dial clearer and easier to read, even at night.
Fans of luxury watches can also enjoy the high-quality automatic movement and the strong rhythm of mechanical operation through the mineral crystal embedded in the back cover. They must also be amazed by the oscillating weight decorated with Geneva ripples, blue screws and exquisite circular beams.

Technical Information
Movement: Multifunctional mechanical movement, automatic or manual winding, Mido Calibre 1320 movement (based on ETA Valjoux 7750), 13 1/4 ” ‘∅30.00mm, thickness 7.90mm, 25 diamonds, amplitude 28,800A / H, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, gold-plated GLUCYDUR balance beam, ANACHRON balance spring, NIVAFLEX NM main spring. Elaborately decorated blue screws, rounded gums, oscillating weight of the Geneva wave and Mido logo, 48-hour power reserve, 5 directions to adjust its travel time accuracy.
Case: 316L stainless steel (DINX2CrNiMO 17 14 3) PVD rose gold plated case, three parts, scratch-resistant sapphire mirror, spiral crown and back cover, transparent back cover with beautifully decorated movement, engraved with 8-digit serial number, Water-resistant to 100 meters.
Strap: Leather strap with crocodile pattern and PVD rose gold buckle.
Dial: Geneva ripple, Super-Luminova® luminous reading.
Hands: Super-Luminova® hour and minute hands for easy underwater and night readings.

Certina Interprets ‘high Cost Performance’

As the leader in Swiss mid-range sports watches, Certina always strives to provide the best quality products at accessible prices. Titanium alloy, 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass, the famous Swiss ETA movement, double insurance system and other high-quality symbols of these Swiss watch brands, combined with the retail price of 2,000-10,000 RMB market irrefutable interpretation of the brand ‘high cost-effective’ Traits. Star Diamond Series
  The new DS Stella Diamond Series is suitable for both serious and casual occasions. Its dazzling case, open circle and beautiful bezel set with 128 diamonds emit a soft and irresistible brightness, which attracts people’s attention. These highlights are further accentuated by the white mother-of-pearl dial, which is regularly punctuated by pairs of diamonds at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock.
  The DS Stella star diamond series has many different styles. It is worth pointing out that the one with a diamond-free gorgeous bezel and the one with Arabic numerals. The Arabic numerals reflect a more cheerful style. You can also choose a black, pink or magenta mother-of-pearl dial, or a magenta or PVD plated bracelet.
Champion Series Square Women’s Watch
  Its eye-catching satin-finished square case features clean, pure lines and forms, with soft beveled edges and a shiny bezel. This watch has a protective crown with two buttons on one side of the crown to provide various timer functions. The attractive chocolate dial brings warmth and color to the delicate and smooth background, while the concentric circle background of the countdown timer at 2 and 10 o’clock adds more agility and texture. The hour markers and beveled hands complement the bold and concise Arabic numerals.
Champion Series Speedmaster Automatic Champion Series Square Automatic
  This new watch is equipped with the cutting-edge Valjoux ETA 7750 automatic movement. The watch’s exterior case, a super-large varnished stainless steel surface that cleverly combines sportsmanship, and a polished beveled edge around the bezel to display the speedometer scale. The Champion Series square automatic watch is protected by a square sapphire crystal glass, which is perfectly coordinated with the overall design, micro-arch shape and anti-reflective coating on the front and back. Three stopwatch timers are mounted on the black dial. They are cleverly designed in silver concentric circles to complement the day and date windows.

Blancpain Launches Villeret Collection Quantième Perpétuel Watches Special Limited Edition

Every year, Blancpain relies on centuries of watchmaking heritage and craftsmanship to create outstanding timepieces, and impresses people with unique technical and aesthetic characteristics. Today Blancpain launches the indispensable Villeret series Quantième Perpétuel watch (model: 6656-3440-55B), which is only sold in brand boutiques. This platinum watch with blue dial is limited to 88 pieces.

   Blancpain Villeret series is the symbol of the purest classicism, which reflects the brand’s deep attachment to the value of traditional watchmaking, which is fully explained by the movement with complex functions such as a perpetual calendar. The perpetual calendar function is used to display the day of the week, date, month, and leap year. No adjustment is required until 2100. The perpetual calendar model is endowed with a veritable mechanical memory, an outstanding example of extraordinary timepieces entirely produced by Blancpain.

   The new Villeret Quantième Perpétuel limited edition watch reproduces the iconic dial layout of Blancpain perpetual calendar model. Time information appears at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock, combined with the moon phase profit and loss at 6 o’clock, and a large central second hand to complete the hour and minute display. These functions are driven by Calibre 5954 automatic winding movement, which uses a security system specially developed by Blancpain to prevent improper operation. Another distinctive feature of Blancpain’s complication timepiece is that it can be easily and smoothly adjusted. This watch is equipped with a concealed lug adjuster: a patented invention that adjusts the calendar hands and moon phase display by simply pressing the small button on the back of the case with your fingertips. This convenient mechanism also has an aesthetic advantage because it eliminates the adjustment buttons that are commonly found on the side of the calendar watch case.

   The platinum case and double bezel add elegance to this exclusive model. The watch has a diameter of 40 mm and a water resistance of 30 meters. It uses an anti-glare sapphire crystal to protect the dark blue dial and is decorated with a slender white gold hour marker. This watch is equipped with a blue alligator leather strap, which is fixed by a folding buckle. It is limited to 88 pieces and is only available at Blancpain global boutiques. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Two Lange 1815 Commemorative Series Rose Gold Watches Beijing Stock Quotes

Lange was born in Germany in 1845. 1995 was the 180th anniversary of Mr. Lange’s birthday. The newly revived Lange brand launched the 1815 series to commemorate it. Recently, the editor of the Watch House visited Beijing WEMPE Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland and obtained two 1815 commemorative series watches. Below are the high-definition maps and the in-store public prices for watch friends to appreciate.

Lange 1815 Commemorative Series 234.032

In-store public price: 210,000 (collection time May 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: 1815 Memorial
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watch details: 18K rose gold watch

In-store public price: 177000 (collection time May 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: 1815 Memorial
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details: 5690 7123

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[Note]: The pictures in the article are real pictures taken by the editor at the ‘front line of the market’. Because the stock of the watch is not much, it is not guaranteed that the watch will be in stock after you pass, so if necessary, please advance Contact your dealer.

How About A Baume & Mercier Watch? How About A Baume & Mercier Watch?

About Baume & Mercier
  Brand introduction
  The ancestors of Baume & Mercier laid the foundation in the Jurassic Mountains. After hundreds of years of training and transformation, they always adhere to the concept of creating high-quality, low-priced products, so that consumers are satisfied with 100% Sense of substance. In the 16th century, the Geneva watchmaking process began to sprout. At that time, the baume family, who was in the French france-comte pastoral area, realized the importance of industrial transformation. So in 1542, the baume family took the first step of adventure in A studio was established in the jura area, and later louis-joseph baume built its own factory and gradually expanded overseas markets. In 1893, a tourbillon astronomical watch with a keyless winding chain was awarded the highest honor in the kew observatory competition and successfully expanded overseas markets for Baume & Mercier watches.
  1912 William
Baume met the descendants of the Tsar aristocracy and the famous watchmaker manager paul in Geneva
Mercier, it’s hard to imagine that two people with very different personalities would come together: william
Baume is meticulous, conservative, and very concerned about the reputation behind his name; paul
Mercier was full of energy, vitality, and love of art. The two formally cooperated in 1918, and baume & mercier was born.
  Their cooperation pushed the brand to the top. In 1921, baume & mercier was awarded the highest honor ‘poincon de geneve’ quality mark by the Royal Republic of Geneva. Most definitely.
  Through the introduction of the Italian agent and Piaget, they have jointly established a worldwide distribution network, and are jointly committed to the development of new technologies and models, establishing an excellent reputation for Baume & Mercier watches and successfully expanding more Broad customer base. By 1980, Baume & Mercier watches had been sold to more than 70 countries on five continents.
  Art concept
  Baume & Mercier has adhered to the belief of balance between tradition and modernity from the beginning. This belief combines innovative ideas, elegant quality and strict professional standards. For a long time, Baume & Mercier watches have always adhered to their beliefs, constantly researched and updated technology, and also kept abreast of the times, constantly innovating, and designing modern styles without losing traditional elegance. Since its development, Baume & Mercier watch has become an internationally renowned luxury watch brand. Its sales network spans five continents. Baume & Mercier watch has won many awards over the years. It has successfully developed a number of watch technologies and is known as a master of fashion, simplicity and elegance. .
  The crown and movement of each Baume & Mercier watch are engraved with the ancient Greek word ‘Ф’ which symbolizes perfect harmony. This theory representing the golden number represented the perfect combination of proportion and harmony, and even the great Darwin renamed it ‘the sacred proportion’ in 1509. This classic code is the best guarantee of flawless craftsmanship and extraordinary creation.
  In 1972, three different series of watches from Galaxie, Mimosa and Stardust designed by Baume & Mercier watch factory won the ‘Golden Rose Award’, and the most famous Riviera watch from Baume & Mercier watch was born in the same year. Baume & Mercier’s outstanding artistic ideas and flawless aesthetics reached the peak after the launch of the Riviera series.
  The unique style of Baume & Mercier watch
  Baume & Mercier watches have been innovating for many years, creative, and spare no effort to break through the boundaries of science and technology. In recent years, under the promotion of Richemont Group (including Cartier, Piaget, Baume & Mercier, Montblanc, Dunhill and other brands), which is internationally renowned for the agency of high-end products, its achievements are even more brilliant.
  Upholding the consistently high quality and relying on the efforts of Baume & Mercier’s partners, in 1993, Baume & Mercier, together with Cartier and Piaget, jointly formed the Institute of Watch Design
haute horlogerie), IFHH for short. This is the only watch school in the world, offering a variety of professional courses for watchmaking craftsmen, retailers and salesmen in the group to study, to implement the enthusiasm of watchmaking for watch art, and to witness the contribution of watchmaking.
How about a Baume & Mercier watch
  Netizen evaluation 1: Baume & Mercier watch is an old SWISS brand watch. I bought an 18K Baume & Mercier watch for my wife 20 years ago. Now all major watch stores in Shanghai buy it. The style is the same, the price is similar to 20 years ago, RMB: about 12,000 yuan. This Baume & Mercier watch is really good (^ _ ^). It doesn’t differ from the second until now. Recommended: Baume (BAUME
& MERCIER) Watch ~ \\ (≧ ▽ ≦) / ~ La la la
  Comments from netizens 2: The golden ratio design pursued by Baume & Mercier watches strives for simplicity and balance, and has its unique charm in the watch industry. Baume & Mercier watch inherits the traditional craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers. Although it is traditional, it still has creative inspiration in today’s creation. It designs simple, elegant and elegant watches. It can be said that Baume & Mercier watches are low-key gorgeous.
  Netizen’s evaluation 3: Baume & Mercier’s MOAO8686 men’s automatic mechanical watch. The watch is very good and very delicate. After a few days, I found it was a few seconds slower, but it was within the normal range. The quality was good enough.
  Netizen’s evaluation 4: Baume & Mercier quartz watch (Baume & Mercier), the black and white is very versatile, with any clothes are good-looking; the dial is relatively large, wearing very manly. I have been wearing it for more than half a month without any problems.
  Netizen’s evaluation five: Baume & Mercier series MOAO8659 automatic mechanical women’s watch, the movement is imported without any problem, but the strap has a few times. . .
  Netizen evaluation 6: In the past two years, Baume & Mercier has improved in terms of craftsmanship, grade, and price, but it is still worth the money.
  Comments from netizens 7: Baume & Mercier watches have never been to please people with complex watches. The distinguished place of Baume & Mercier watches is the appearance design. In the early days, the Hampton series, which mainly took the route of leisure sports watches, was named after the most prestigious Hampton Resort in Long Island at the time. The symbolic taste and trend are very successful examples. The Catwalk series, launched in 1997, has won the hearts of countless ladies with its simple lines and smooth shapes. Its strap combined with vinyl and stainless steel is an innovation, affecting the design of many watch factories in the future. . Even if the CapeLand series launched later, entered the men’s market with a large surface and thick body, the results were very good.
Recommended watches from Baume & Mercier
Baume & Mercier MOA08686 watch

Number: MOA08686
Style: Automatic, 39 mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 16,700
Movement model: ETA 2824-2
Number of gems: 25
Power reserve: 38 hours
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Back through: dense bottom
Water resistance: 30 meters

Baume & Mercier Hamilton Watch MOA10055

Number: MOA10055
Series: Humberton
Style: Automatic, 43 mm, men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 32,900
Movement model: Dubois Dépraz 9000
Number of jewels: 25
Power reserve: 42 hours
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Buckle material: stainless steel
Back penetration: back penetration
Water resistance: 50 meters
Further reading: More information on Baume & Mercier watches
Baume & Mercier Watch Repair Center
Baume & Mercier C0R10055 Moon Phase Watch Review
1830 watch


Modern’ Retro Flavor Omega Saucer Central Tourbillon Watch

When it comes to OMEGA, many people think of Speedmaster, coaxial escapement and James Bond. A tourbillon is usually not the first word that comes to mind. In 1994, Omega launched the world’s first ‘central tourbillon’ watch, shocking the industry.

 The ‘central tourbillon’, as the name suggests, places the tourbillon in the center of the dial, which rotates once per minute. Even the hour and minute hands are at the bottom and become the foil. They are placed on the edge of the tourbillon frame and neither interfere with the tourbillon nor affect its legibility. The design of the case of the disco series presents a classic style, mainly due to its charming lugs. With a diameter of 38.7 mm, this watch finds the perfect balance between the look and feel of wearing.

 The case has a conventional crown at 3 o’clock, and when turned to the case back, a second crown can be found. The former can only be used for winding, while the latter can adjust the time. This watch is equipped with Calibre 2600 movement, equipped with a platinum winding rotor. The back of the watch is engraved with the time elderly pattern, and the words ‘TOURBILLON’ and ‘CHRONOMETER’ prove that the timepiece is certified by the COSC Observatory, which is not common in tourbillon watches.

 Although there are still central tourbillon watches in the Omega product range, some of the earlier models are now almost antique. Acquiring one can be said to be a wise choice, because Omega has already set a guilloché dial and gold bracelet. Both give the watch a more classic look, and the gold bracelet is particularly beautiful, not only well-made, but also very comfortable to wear. The thickness of the bracelet is just right, and the weight is just right, making wearing the Omega Disc Flying Tourbillon watch a unique experience. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

If You Can Only Have One Watch, I Recommend Sports Watch

There is a saying in the bezel, ‘Men must have two watches, a formal watch, plus a sports watch.’ If only one option is available, I recommend sports watches, because sports wrist The watch not only has super powerful functions, but also has super high performance. Today, the Watch House recommends three classic sports watches for everyone.
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN-78590 Watch

Domestic public price: RMB 95000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: ——
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 98000
Watch diameter: 43.6 mm
Watch thickness: 13.83 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: matte satin grey ceramic
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: 86800
Watch diameter: 46 mm
Watch thickness: 16.5 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: ceramic / titanium
Water resistance: 60 meters
Watch details: iwc / 19209 /
Watch Reviews: As a pilot watch, it has excellent appearance and practical functions. The 46mm ceramic / titanium case comes in a tough and tough style. The finely polished lugs have a soft texture and are suitable for nylon straps. The small seconds and 60-minute counter highlight the power of the watch.

Summary: Buy sports watches to choose the function according to your sports needs. It is not that the more functions, the better, the more functions, and the more complicated it is to use. It is best to choose the one that matches your own sports. Easy to use at the same time.